walk with locals sunrise

walk with locals

there are pivotal moments in your life that change you as a person. like that time you move to blacksburg for college not knowing you’d have 4 of the best years. or that time you travel to[…]

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Pile of Smile Art Workshop

intention no.7: pile of smile

  i believe it’s important to donate to causes—money, time, materials, whatever you can afford to give. that’s why this weeks intention is about volunteering. like so many before it, this intention didn’t turn out how i[…]

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sara rassi art

intentions no. 6: creating more.

last year, i embarked on not 1 resolution but 52 intentions. i didn’t complete all 52, but i did complete more than half and gained immeasurable insight into what i’m capable of. so with 2016[…]

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intentions2k15: a year’s worth of intentions….sort of.

last year, i read an interesting article about new year’s resolutions. rather than big resolutions, the author suggested an intention for every week. this idea resonated with me instantly. having a couple, even just one,[…]

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when your cat is more popular than you

peshi has been my homegirl for 14 years (!). but trying to photograph that cat is what i imagine trying to photograph bigfoot to be like. even in the dead of sleep, she can sense me[…]

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just another blog

welcome. it’s taken a while but i’ve finally updated my website. the previous iteration simply showcased my art and definitely needed a facelift. but i thought to myself…’self, there just aren’t enough blogs out there.’[…]

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