intentions no. 6: creating more.

sara rassi art

last year, i embarked on not 1 resolution but 52 intentions. i didn’t complete all 52, but i did complete more than half and gained immeasurable insight into what i’m capable of. so with 2016 comes a new year, a new set of intentions, and the first 2k16 intentions blog post.

may i introduce to you intention no. 6: creating more art.

i’m pretty positive i was born with a crayon in my hand. i’ve always loved to draw…on paper, on walls, even on bed sheets. i enjoyed all my basic art classes in school but always viewed it as a distant hobby. i ended up going to school for marketing. but spent most days putting off homework and making art with friends.

all my college friends were artistic in some form—whether that meant drawing buildings for architecture school or creating playlists for the next dj gig. being around such open, creative, and all around lovely people reinvigorated my passion for creating things.

once i graduated college, i moved back home to start adulting. i was fortunate to have several of my friends move back as well. two individuals in particular kept me connected to my inner artist. their paintings, their photographs pushed me to do better. my friend had a loft where we kept all our art supplies. we would put on some music, grab a beer, and spend hours painting. hours talking. hours laughing. when our other friend would come over, we’d each have a notebook where we would start a drawing. whenever we got tired of our own drawing, we would switch with one another. that exercise is still one of the more memorable ones i’ve done to date.

fast forward many years later and things are a little different. one of us moved away. another one of us is busy raising a family. at one point, it had probably been years since i even picked up a paint brush. i did slowly start to pick up my camera again. that’s what drew me to instagram. the eye candy on that platform is endless. i naturally started following other photographers. but ended up following other artists and creative communities like A Creative DC.

like that thingamajig you find months later at the back of your junk drawer, i once again found my passion for painting. so my intention last year was to create one new piece of art. this year, i want to create as much as i can. the internet can be a crazy place. having random strangers commenting, liking, even featuring your work makes it worth it. especially living in the dmv area where politics have long ruled everything and anything. being supported and inspired by a ever-growing community of creatives gives me hope that i’m much more than my political party affiliation.

and there you have it. the more things change, the more they stay the same. i’m still in marketing. i’m still painting.

so thank you. i’m grateful to those that continue to motivate me. i’m appreciative to those that provide a space for others to shine.

because that’s what it’s always been about: created by me, inspired by you. 6 down, 46 to go.


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