intention no. 22: compliment a stranger

you don’t need to be good at math to notice i’ve missed a few posts. truth is:

  • i didn’t want this to become a burden
  • while each intention is important, not every one deserves a blog entry
  • i’ve been lazy

now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss number 22. there was a several month span where i was being complimented by strangers on a constant basis. i truly don’t know what i did to deserve all those kinds words, but it felt nice. really nice. so i knew this was one of those ‘pay it forward’ opportunities and i had to put that good energy back into the universe.

the range of compliments came from those i practiced yoga with to those i rode an elevator with, and everything in between. it was either my yoga pants or my nice smile. genuine compliments from more or less complete strangers. my most commented on thing is this army green and faux leather jacket i bought at h&m. and oddly, my most favorite of its admirers was this older (50-6oish) businessman. it just struck me because i judged a book by its cover and never thought a guy like him would be into ‘young/hip/trendy’ clothing. it stuck with me because it was a 20-30 second exchange in my office building. but in those short few moments, this guy felt compelled to say something that also happened to brighten my day.

it made me remember the saying: ‘be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.’ for the longest time i thought, so what, we should be nice to that that arrogant guy that is inexplicably yelling in the check out line because he might be having a hard day? no. some people are just a-holes. the point is there are real people in some kind of pain or discomfort. it doesn’t always have to be a death con level 10 kind of hurt either. and people mask it more often than not. so it’s these people that need a little boost, a little patience, a little reassurance.

i actually get quite embarrassed by compliments so it’s not something i am always thinking about giving to others. this intention served as a simple reminder to vocalize my appreciation for things in this world. and this isn’t a one-and-done act of kindness. because there’s that other saying: ‘see something, say something.’ while its origin has a different (and creepier) context, that’s basically what i’ll be doing. 22 down, 30 to go.

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