intention no. 19: go on a picnic

i’ve been slacking a little with my intentions between work travel and family coming into town. but i’m trying not to let it stress me out while still holding myself accountable. to get back my into my groove, i made number 18 would be going on a picnic.

my family and i went on picnics all the time when i was younger. it was not uncommon to get together with several other families and a full spread of food. the men would grill, the women would set up all the food they made beforehand, and us children would just generally run amok. unfortunately, these outings are nonexistent as time has gone on and us children have grown up.

i still love the idea of picnicking though. it combines two of my favorites things: being outdoors and eating. i had a grandiose idea of what this picnic would entail. in my head i envisioned a few friends and a wild, elegant spread. then life happened. i didn’t plan enough in advance and my friends were otherwise occupied. a little discouraged, i thought about postponing for another time.

and then guilt set in about missing another week of intentions. i wrestled with the idea of these intentions as a means to enjoy life and grow versus simply a box to check off. but i decided to not be so hard on myself, one way or another. i remembered what my yoga teachers taught me about expectations and adapting. they tell me to just show up on my mat without expectations of how practice will go. it’s not about how well or poorly the previous class went. it’s not even about how great or bad i’m feeling that very day. once you step inside that yoga room, you do your best and adapt to what actually shows up.

my friends were busy. the weather was a little on the hot side. but i let go of this idea of how i wanted or needed the picnic to be. i figured i could wait for the most perfect conditions or i could just play the cards i have. so i packed up some food, drove out to one of those old picnic areas we went to when i was young, and enjoyed a picnic for one. solitude is underrated anyway. 19 down, 33 to go.

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