intention no. 15 and 16: learn something new and buy a new camera


another week of travel resulted another 2-for-1 intentions week. both relate to getting back into photography.

instagram has renewed by love for photography. not to say i fell out of love per se, but i hadn’t been really photographing of late. just taking pics if that makes sense. i have a couple cameras ranging from point and shoots to a dslr. but those have been collecting lots of dust compared to my iphone. convenient, already always with me, my phone has been my go-to camera. i think it’s quite an amazing feat to capture the kinds of moments people are getting with their phones. they are real. they are spontaneous. they are no fuss. that’s why i love instagram. it’s such a great platform for people to share their every day lives in the most exquisite way.

to learn something new, i turned to one of my favorite photographers on instagram. he so graciously posted videos on taking phone pics as well as several tricks for editing them. i’m still in awe that a perfect stranger was able to up my photo game in just a short series of videos. in fact, the very first picture i posted after watching them was liked by the marketing team for the new york times. how cool is that?! further proof that the internet is a truly spectacular place.

i still plan on perfecting my camera phone photography. regardless of how incredible my iphone is though, it’s still just a phone. so my next intention had me on the hunt for a new camera. my current inventory, the one collecting all that dust, goes is pretty simple:

  • my point and shoot is pretty worthless due to the aforementioned phone (which reminds me, i should probably sell that thing).
  • my dslr is too bulky which is why i always leave it at home.

so i really just needed a compact camera system. something with an interchangeable lens and manual focus options. seemed like a simple enough wish list. then i remembered how paralyzed i get with decisions and making new purchases. i research, bookmark, pin, research again, ask real-life people, read more reviews, and then just wait for….i don’t know….maybe god himself to tell me what to get. making this an intention ensured that it would get done one way or another.

i once again turned to the magical internet for side by side comparisons and reviews. i finally selected the camera i wanted with my modest budget. then the usual shenanigans occurred where i just couldn’t commit. mainly because a great price on amazon was tempting me to forget about my budget. one of those ‘i must buy this because it’s such a good price’ traps. after doing some more comparisons and reviews, i finally gave in and bought the nicer gear.

i’m excited to get back into photography armed with new found skills and camera. now comes weeks of learning and lots of deleting. but i wouldn’t have it any other way. being able to capture a moment in time is a wonderful thing. that one sunset. that one smile. and everything in between. 15 and 16 down, 36 to go.

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