intention no. 14: attend the cherry blossom festival


i intentionally (haha, see what i did there?) left a few spaces open on my list for cases just like this one. because this journey is about exploration and that requires a degree of flexibility. so this week i made a last minute decision to attend the cherry blossom festival.

i love spring. especially after the long, cold, and gray winter we had. cherry blossoms bloom all over the metro area. i even have a few outside my condo. however, none are as spectacular as the ones along the tidal basin in dc. they happen to come with a good story too.

the trees were gifted by japan’s mayor yukio ozaki as a symbol of friendship. more than 3,000 trees arrived in 1912 and have been blooming ever since. and every year hundreds of thousands of people descend near the water to see these trees. so as beautiful as they are, the experience can also be overwhelming with the crowds.

that’s the reason i haven’t gone down to see them as an adult. but in the spirit of being more open, i decided to go this year. the thought was in the back of my mind but an opportunity had not presented itself. yesterday would have been a good day to go. it was also the day of the parade and i’m open, not crazy. i realized i wasn’t going to be able to go next week either. so i woke up at 7:30 this morning, forced myself out of bed and into the city.

they say parking is extremely difficult. unfortunately, the metro gives me insane motion sickness. so i traded one nightmare for another. i can’t even admit how long it took. lets just say it was beyond ridiculous. in fact, i almost gave up….twice. but if these intentions have proven anything, you give what you get. luckily i was finally able to find a spot.

my dates with the city have become an almost regular thing. per usual, i put on my headphones and started walking. it was really nice weather, i made my rounds: visiting lincoln and king before i came upon the tree lined basin. young, old, human, dog, everyone was out. suddenly, i imagined myself falling off the side into the actual water. so i gingerly walked through the crowds. snapped a few pics. mostly just walked under the trees.



of course the trees are pretty. but the sheer volume of trees is impressive. was it worth the wasted time in the car? maybe not but i don’t regret having gone. whether it’s going against fear or laziness, i continue to surprise myself. i made a spontaneous decision to do something i’ve wanted to do for some time. and i stuck by that decision despite it being initially frustrating. although next time, i might consider the metro. 14 down/38 to go.

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