intention no. 13: bake someone a cake


i love cooking. but this week’s intention was about baking, which i do far less often. lucky number 13 is to bake a cake for someone. this is kind of in line with my last intention where i mainly wanted to bake a cake for no special reason. so i decided to make one for myself.

a few reasons why:

  • it requires more discipline than cooking savory items. you know, you have to measure things and such.
  • i have a low threshold for sweets. and what i do eat, i’m picky about.
  • i’m particularly not a fan of cake. you read that right.

the last one is kind of related to the pickiness thing. since i don’t like things too sweet, i’m not able to enjoy most cakes. what do i do for my birthday you ask? three words: ice cream cake. so i figured i could make a cake that i’d actually enjoy eating. i could make it mini to boot. those that know me, know how much i love mini things.

there was only one person that could help me this week. the queen, martha stewart. i like the clean flavors in her food and knew she’d have the perfect cake recipe. i went with this lemon cake one. before i searched the net, i had strawberries and whipped cream on my mind so i made adjustments accordingly.

i have an annoyingly small kitchen but cooking and baking bring me a lot of joy. i had the balcony door open and the music blasting. and these are a few of my favorite things: food, fresh spring air, and some 90’s hip hop. at one point, i started dancing around and realized how insanely happy i was. the cake itself turned out great too. just a hint of sweetness with brightness from the lemon.i even made the whipped cream. look at me!

i get that some people don’t like grocery shopping, let alone cooking. but something about putting a bunch of seemingly random ingredients together to create a composed dish is rather amazing to me. i guess i can attribute it to how i was raised. despite having 2 jobs at times, my mom made sure there was always a home cooked meal on the table. typically from scratch at that. in fact, my parents were pickling their own vegetables and eating sriracha before it was cool. that upbringing gave me a real appreciation for food. but at the end of the day, you have to like the process of cooking. and i do. although, i might get a little help from trader joe’s here and there.

i just need to remember this feeling. i need to remember that despite how tired i am, i can’t possibly be as tired as my mom may have been. i need to remember that no matter how uninspired i feel, i just have to get into that kitchen. 13 down, 39 to go.

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