intention no. 12: buy someone flowers for no reason


this week’s intention was about brightening up someone else’s day by giving them flowers. i didn’t use to think buying flowers was the best use of money. sure they were pretty to look at, but i never really understood why people were so infatuated with receiving them. not sure when that mindset shifted, but it did. dramatically.

i buy them quite frequently now and i do so for one of the most important people in my life. me. loving yourself takes many shapes. for me, buying myself flowers is one of them. flowers can easily brighten a room and a mood. so why not share the wealth? why hoard them for special occasions?

i’m lucky to have a trader joes within a few miles of my house for many reasons. one is that their flower game is strong. they carry lots of gorgeous and interesting flowers. they also put together great bouquets. the best part is the majority of them are less than $6 and last a couple weeks so there are always flowers in my house. and it’s nice to have something living taking up space…other than the cats.

so when i made a coffee date with my friend, i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to bring her flowers. but when i wrote down this intention, i made a mistake. i should have said “no special occasion” because there definitely is a reason why.

college was one of the best times of my life because i was fortunate to meet so many creative, loving, down-to-earth people. that’s where i met my friend. free of judgement and willing to do just about anything, we hit it off pretty instantly. 15 years (!) later, i’m lucky to still call her my friend. up for a walk in the woods or a concert downtown, when most say no, she says yes. so while there was no special occasion, her friendship is the reason.

when you’re young, you never think about the days when it requires a little more effort to make friends. being in school naturally lends itself to befriending others. you’re generally the same age, but most importantly, at a similar stage in life. it’s easier to find common points of interest. as you grow older, you start to get weighed down by work, mortgages, and the like. priorities change even among the ones you were once in lockstep with.

but true friendship stands the test of time. and i am grateful to have met so many wonderful people in life. i may not roll 10-15 deep like i used to. but another thing you learn as you get older is that it’s about quality, not quantity. i still have amazing friends in my life. near and far. younger and older. and i’m betting you do too. so whether it’s flowers, lunch, or a handwritten note to say hi, do something for someone just because. 12 down, 40 to go.

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