intention no. 11: visit the museum of natural history


march is always a busy month. it starts with several birthdays and last week marked the beginning of the iranian new year. the family gatherings are frequent so i was lucky to squeeze in this weeks intention. the dc tourist in me continued to explore for this one; visiting the museum of natural history.

IMG_3340it was a sunny but windy day similar to last weekend. it took me awhile to find parking but ended up with a spot just a few blocks away. the great thing about this area is that it’s lined with many museums and things to see. so only here could i stumble through something as lovely as the national gallery of art sculpture garden on my 5 minute walk to the museum. there are several wonderful things in this garden. but i have a thing for trees, so my favorite is graft. according to nga’s website, this stainless steel beauty is made from more than 8,000 components and weighs approximately 16,000 pounds.

i made my way through the garden leisurely but didn’t spend too much time there since i was on a mission. after all, i had another new year event to get to that evening. the museum of natural history is actually one that i remember least as a child. i mean, of course i remember henry the elephant. but that’s about it considering i actually envisioned a different museum (maybe my next intention will be to find the one i was thinking of).

it was packed but i made my way through all the exhibits relatively unscathed. i remember being into rocks and gems when i was younger so i wasn’t surprised to have spent most of my time in the minerals area. the earth never ceases to amaze me. the colors and textures of these materials are otherwordly. i couldn’t even begin to describe what i was looking at but luckily, i took photos.












i can see these museum visits being a recurring thing. it’s both nostalgic and informative. and something about exploring the city on my own is very rewarding. i get to listen to my music and see amazing works of art. i get to lose myself in other people’s genius and creativity. i get to revel in my own pace, and take unexpected turns into galleries and gardens along the way. 11 down, 41 to go.

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