intention no. 10: visit the botanic gardens

botanicgalleyi’ll say it before and i’ll say it again. i’m lucky to have grown up in the washington dc area. i had access to some of the best cultural institutions in the country at a very early age. if i didn’t make it downtown on a field trip for school, i got there showing out-of-town guests around. however, i find myself with less and less “excuses” to go as the years go on. so here’s to another intention about being a tourist in my own city.

i don’t even remember visiting the botanic gardens, that’s how long it’s been. but i’m almost always my calmest when i’m around nature. so i figured what better way to spend the day than surrounded by a lot of greenery. it’s just what i needed especially having just gone through a very gray and white winter.

the lushness and warmth greet you immediately upon entering through the doors. i put on my headphones and leisurely made my way through the gardens. i looked up. a lot. some of these trees are so grandiose in their stature. and if you look too quickly, you’ll miss about 4-5 other plants that are strategically placed around them. amongst the varying shades of green lies pops of color from orchids and other gorgeous bloomage. i wish every walk could be that tranquil.

botanicgalley6 botanicgalley5 botanicgalley3botanicgalley4

it was a windy but sunny day, and those have been far and few between. so when i was done with the gardens, i decided to take a stroll outside. the great thing about this area is that the attractions are clustered together. after a nice long walk in the sunshine, i made an impromptu stop at the national gallery art. after all, this is about being a tourist, right?

not much to say about the gallery visit other than good lord there’s so much eye candy. from monet to van gogh to degas, beauty abounds. the gallery has a little bit of everything; portraits, landscapes, and a slew of sculptures. it seems like every time i visit a museum, there’s always one piece that stands out. today it was john singer sargent’s repose.

botanicgalley7 botanicgalley8botanicgalley12 botanicgalley11  botanicgalley9

watching people enjoy the sites is just as fun. children on school trips, families on vacation, and hopefully some locals like me. it’s not hard to understand why this is a great city, but it’s very easy to forget. and this certainly won’t be my last time playing tourist. 10 down, 42 to go.


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