intention no. 8: solo movie date


all through college i lived with several roommates and always had a full house of people hanging around. in fact, when bars in town became difficult to work with, my dj friends turned to my place to throw parties. i genuinely loved being around others. i still do. but the older i grow, the more comfortable i am enjoying my alone time too. my prejudices around certain activities are slowly waning. and i’m reexamining experiences i felt were only meant to be shared. cue my 8th intention.

i think of two things when movies come to mind; a bunch of teenage friends hanging out in the mall and a couple on their first (or 100th) date. it’s never occurred to me to see a movie by myself. yet, upon further reflection, i’m certain there is no better thing to do by oneself. not only are you supposed to be paying attention to something else, but it’s one of the few times where it’s actually bad form to talk. so why would you go with anyone?!

8bintentions2k15when i set out on these intentions, i assumed i’d be planning a lot more in advance. it’s refreshingly been quite the opposite. mother nature blessed me with a dreadful day. it was gray from the start and raining ice. i’ve never been more afraid just to walk. conditions were perfect to get indoors asap and watch a movie. i checked show times on my way back from a baby shower and after a swift errand, was able to make a showing.

what movie is complete without concessions? like a complete rookie, i let the child behind the register upsell me to a medium popcorn and drink. ‘each is only 50 cents more’, he said. and to that, i replied ‘sure, why not’ out loud and ‘treat yo’self’ in my head. for the next couple of hours, i enjoyed my medium-sized food and an entertaining movie.i had couples on either side of me while i sat alone. and the world didn’t implode.

when the movie was over, i had grease on my fingers and a smile on my face. i didn’t have to agree on a movie with anyone. it didn’t matter which theater or who’d get the tickets. i got there as early as i wanted. and i made a b-line for whichever seat just spoke to me. best of all, i got to enjoy the company of a really rad person: me. 8 down, 44 to go.

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