intention no. 4: the lost art of handwritten notes


sometimes it’s hard for me to believe there are people in the world that don’t know a life without cellphones and internet. i lived that life once. as a child, my friends and i used to write elaborate notes to one another everyday. one friend used to draw the most fantastic, anime-style pictures in her notes. i can visualize them now and it’s dawning on me how truly remarkable her talent was at such a young age. but i digress. other friends of mine would write notes in our own made-up alphabet. a couple sentences could take hours to write and translate, but we savored the fact that no one else would be able to decipher them.

the general idea of writing on paper was nothing special though. it was simply how things got done. now, lettering is an art form. even my own communications lean towards texts and the internet as an adult. it’s less fussy and requires the most succinct kind of communication. best suited for our “busy” lives.

but i am trying to embrace pen and paper more these days, and can’t help myself from stockpiling cute notecards (as evident from the picture). so i picked up my 4th intention from the original article i read: “write a handwritten note to someone you’ve not contacted recently.” my mind automatically tried to think of someone i’ve lost contact with. but i started thinking about it more. if i’ve lost contact, it must be for good reason, right?

it’s easier to accept losing touch because something terrible happened. they cheated on you or stabbed you in the back (and in that case, why would i write to this person anyway). but more often, the truth is that sometimes people grow apart. nothing more, nothing less. otherwise, we end up putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to keep in constant contact with everyone we’ve ever met only because it’s the nice thing to do. but you shouldn’t ever have to feel this kind of obligation. if people matter to you, you will find a way to keep some kind of connection.

it may not be everyday. but i’ll always find some way to get back to you.

so with that, i am changing this intention to “write handwritten notes to my friends.” these are the people in my life that deserve more thoughtful interactions. and while i’ve lost the patience to create my own alphabet, i know the language of friendship goes beyond any kind of translation. 4 down, 48 to go.

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