when your cat is more popular than you


peshi has been my homegirl for 14 years (!). but trying to photograph that cat is what i imagine trying to photograph bigfoot to be like. even in the dead of sleep, she can sense me reaching for the camera and immediately stops being cute.

much to her dismay, charlie joined the crew last fall. in stark contrast, charlie is a male model. he loves the camera, and even in his craziest kitten moments, he stays still long enough for the money shot.

my main outlet for sharing photos is instagram. i just love this app. in general, you’ll see landscapes, food, and my cats in my feed. i was starting to get so many good shots of charlie, yet i felt weird having him takeover my account. so you know what’s not weird? setting charlie up with his own. and it’s been an interesting adventure so far.

IMG_1718  IMG_2120  IMG_1737  IMG_2129

granted he uses a lot more hastags, but @the_charliethecat quickly eclipsed my modest followers count. he’s even gotten a photo liked by the tonight show. charlie has friends from all over the world–cats, dogs, humans, even bunnies. and you can call us crazy animal people, but one thing i’ve discovered is that these users are genuine, supportive, and pretty funny. not only are they generous with the likes, they frequently comment. as a marketing professional, this kind of social media engagement is gold. as a human, it’s just nice to experience.

so either animal people are the best kind of people. or the lives of animals are just more damn interesting than human ones. at any rate, i have put my ego aside to acknowledge that my cat is cooler than me and that’s ok.

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