new year, new intentions


a new year happens, well, every year.

and every new year brings new resolutions. we stress out about creating them and then we’re really hard on ourselves if we don’t follow through. a friend posted an article about setting more attainable resolutions, one for every week of the year. what i liked about their list is that it ranged from the most mundane to the most exciting. things that served the individual, things that served others. while i took some items straight from their list, i made my own of 52 things i want to accomplish this year.

i’ll be documenting them each week. if you are looking at the date of this post, you’ll see we are already a few weeks into the year. fear not, i’ve been on track. i just probably should have made updating my new site, intention #1. c’est la vie. follow my progress by keeping tabs on this ‘intentions2k15’ tag in my posts.


  1. I love this idea, tremendously!!! And do you happen to have that list that your friend posted? I’d love some tips…I like the idea of small intentions over big sweeping changes.

    1. thanks and totally agree about small intentions! i was able to find the article, when making my list, i thought about the things i wanted to do but just hadn’t had a chance or was too lazy or apprehensive to do. to give you an idea, here are a few things i added: host a tea party, watch a sunrise, make pho, and several related to visiting various museums. some were pretty specific, others were more general. good luck!

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