intention no. 1: getting an e-zpass


my first completed intention was the most boring and most necessary.

so i’ve lived near a toll road for more years than i care to admit. i don’t use it too often but it is the easiest way to get into dc. what was once merely chump change, the tolls have steadily crept up to $1 on/off and then $2.50 at the toll plaza. there wasn’t any real reason behind not getting this nifty thing they call an e-zpass. as the name would suggest, you could simply pass through the tolls with this transponder, rather than paying cash. it made your travels, easy…literally. yet, i stubbornly felt that i could live my life paying the tolls in cash. let me explain the ridiculousness that ensues when one tries to pay in cash.

  • at first, paying with any kind of cash is fine. until you notice that the attended lines get pretty long. so long, that it can extend your commute a good 10 minutes. then you get stuck behind one too many people asking for directions. that and they start to decrease the amount of booths with attendees that give change, making the lines even longer.
  • so the next obvious step is carrying exact change. this means having $3.50 in change for just a one way trip. the last time i had a roll of quarters at any given moment, i was a college student needing to take my clothes to a laundry mat. now i won’t tell you how long it’s been since i’ve graduated, but definitely long enough to start acting like an adult. beyond that, these booths had their own issues. like that person who doesn’t have their money ready and proceeds to rummage through their car as if they were looking for change in their couch at home. or the other person who just literally puts their car in park, opens their door, and tries to get change from the next booth over.

still, i continued to delay the inevitable for a while longer. that is until i made this list. and they started selling the pass as the local grocery store.

what took me years to do, i did within a little more than a week after setting my intentions. why? because by putting this on the list, i finally admitted how absurd and lazy i was being. one down, 51 to go.

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